Welcome to Path Connect.

Connecting the dots is something I know quite a bit about - it’s how I built the foundation of my life and my company, DotConnect™️. 

DotConnect™️ is a team of Talent Advisor Unicorns who know how to quickly understand the organizations we work with in a way that allows us to advise on the right hires for the company’s professional path.

Our goal is to connect talent with the right professional path for them and Path Connect is about connecting those who advise teams on hiring talent to the professional path that allows them to do that - at scale. 

This 12-week Accelerator is designed to help you increase your learning agility, better understand org charts and culture adds, and get a deeper understanding of what it takes to source and vet top talent for tech organizations in a way that helps you become an invaluable asset with an in-demand skill set

Path Connect is the exact course the team at DotConnect™ has used with teams at Beautycounter, SendGrid, Instacart, Samsung NEXT and dozens more over the last 20 years.

As a seasoned Talent Advisor and Founder of DotConnect™️, Dom Farnan has a deep understanding of what it takes to provide source, vet and hire talent that provides a culture add and aligns with the hiring company’s mission, vision and values. 

Dom doesn’t just provide talent advisory services for clients of DotConnect™, she has also grown her own team globally in the last two years to 55 and counting! This program will help you learn her process and, maybe, help you secure a position on her team. 

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